Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at our Hospital is providing care to patients requiring emergency treatment with the scope from serious conditions such as heart attacks and CVA to simple medical problems such as cuts. Care is provided round-the-clock.

Emergency Reception

  • Receiving Area
    • Patients are received by our staff at entrance with ramp for non ambulatory patients.
    • Parking services are available.
    • Our ambulance is also available for emergency.
  • Waiting Time
    • You will be seen immediately by a trained doctor and a trained nurse.
    • Waiting time has been kept to the bare minimu

Ambulance Services

  • We can provide ambulance equipped with oxygen supervised by a highly trained paramedic or doctor round the clock.
  • The hospital has private rooms, semi private & general ward type Of accommodation to cater for each class of patient.
  • The emergency room facility is available round the clock resuscitation equipments.
  • The OPD block of the hospital is providing ambulatory care.